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We call these amazing fruits thippili in Tamil and the plant also goes by the same name. It is very very famous all over Tamil Nadu and is used extensively in home remedies. Not only in Tamil Nadu, long pepper has been in use all over the world from ancient times. We use both the dried fruits and the roots of the plant in remedies. The fruits are called “Arisi Thippili” in Tamil and the roots are called “Kandathippili in Tamil”. Thippili is called Long Pepper | Indian Long Pepper in English, Pippali | Pipali | Pippal | Pipli in Hindi, Thippali in Malayalam, Pippallu in Telugu, Hippali in Kannada, Lendi Pimpli | Lendi Pipal in Marathi, Maghaun in Punjabi, Pipul in Urdu, Pippol in Bengali and Pipli in Gujarati.

It’s botanical name is Piper Longum and it is widely used in Ayurveda. Thippili is one of the three ingredients that make up the very famous trikatu (we call it thirikadugam in Tamil), which by itself signifies it’s importance in Ayurvedic medicine. Here in Tamil Nadu we make rasam (soup) with both kandathippili and arisi thippili and it is popularly called kandathippili rasam. The rasam is used a remedy to treat all cold and cough related problems very very effectively. Long pepper contains the alkaloid Piperine which is the main reason for it’s strong, spicy and pungent taste. Amazingly thippili has other wonderful uses that most of us are not fully aware off. Like for instance, it is used for treating depression, weight loss, all kinds of inflammation and diabetes.

Long pepper has anti cancer, anti oxidant, anti depressant, anti inflammatory, anti microbial, analgesic, anti fungal and cardio protective properties. I prefer to make my own thippili podi | pipali churna at home by sun drying the fruits till crisp then powdering it in a mortar and pestle or in a dry mixer. You can also buy the powder from the markets but please remember that thippili rasayanam sold in the markets is a blend of different herbs including long pepper as one of the ingredients.

The one sold in North India in the name of pippali rasayana contains long pepper, ghee and honey. Both these rasayanas should be taken only under medical supervision. Long Pepper Side Effects: Long pepper in normal dosages like the amount we use in rasam at home will not cause any side effects at all. But long pepper has anti fertility properties so pregnant women and lactating mothers should not consume long pepper in large doses.

1. For Throat Irritation: Certain people will always suffer from throat irritation, for them pipali churna will greatly help. Take around 1 gram of the powder and mix with honey and consume both morning and evening once.

2. For Cold & Cough: Take 1 gram of the powder and mix it in warm milk and drink. You can also add a pinch of turmeric to make it more effective…

3. For Indigestion, Weight Loss, Fever & Asthma: I would suggest taking thippili along with sukku and pepper (trikatu or thirikadugam), you can read about the complete method of making it here.

Thippili | Pippali can be given to children too,but be very careful with the amount of powder you give to small children as it is very very spicy

Pippali powder | Thippili powder mixed with water can be applied over teeth to reduce tooth pain.
The research that proves use of pippali for weight loss can be found here.

To make the kandathippili rasam: Dry roast half a tsp of arisi thippili, 2 kandathippili root along with 1 tbsp of dhaniya, 1/2 tsp of cumin seeds, 3 red chillies and pound it coarsely in a mortar and pestle along with 2 garlic gloves. To make the rasam, heat oil in a pan, season with mustard, asafoetida along with curry leaves. Once the mustard splutters, add in the pounded ingredients along with 1 finely cut tomato and fry well. Add required amount of tamarind water and salt and once it boils and the raw smell goes, add in boiled toor dhal water and once it starts foaming switch off.

Thippili also reduces cholesterol very effectively.

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