Our commitment to the society is to continue this business with same passion & mission with which this initiative was started. With our sole focus to expand & reach every nook and corner of Tamilnadu with your support with no compromise either on quality or our service. This can be achieved only by partnering with every stakeholder in the business chain.

Farmers & Suppliers
First & Foremost member in our chain. We promise to procure material from people who share the same passion, without hitting them on purchase cost either to please customer or to increase our profits. We shall give him apt value such that he will continue this noble service of natural farming and contribute to our family health than save a few bucks on compromise.

Partners In Progress
Those who want to distribute our product in their local area. We have plan to have distribution point for every possible potential locality in Chennai with simple billing infrastructure. We shall work together to distribute products to our valued customers in that locality by maintaining enough stock on demand. This will help us counter the logistics challenge this business model poses.

Supportive Customers
Last in our chain but the very essence of this initiative. We promise to keep up the faith and will not alter course overtime in search of profit. We shall ask for more price if need be but no compromise on the very purpose with which this was started. We shall launch user friendly customer loyalty programmes for expanding our reach and reward your efforts with token gestures without taking you for granted. You are our Hero & your health & your gen next health is our purpose of trustorganics.co.in