Gingelly/Sesame oil or Nallanai

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Sesame oil | Gingelly oil is called nallennai in Tamil meaning an oil that preserves the heath of the body. It has always been regarded very highly and you will never find a South Indian home without sesame oil.

Here in South India, traditionally only sesame oil and coconut was used and I continue to do so. Few years back there was a big rumor that using coconut oil will increase the LDL cholesterol and we were all advised to switch over to other oils for cooking.Health advises that goes against our traditions  are propagated against what has been followed for many many years. Our Ancestors used to make and store sesame oil in huge vessels regularly for that years cooking. One can tell confidently that the refined sesame oil we get in the market is of no comparison to homemade unrefined sesame oil. That is because with unrefined sesame oil, the seeds have to be of highest quality else it will reflect on the oils taste. Whereas with unrefined sesame oil even if they use inferior seeds we will not know because of the refining.

Nowadays unrefined sesame oil is manufactured only by small family run business and they are not able to compete with big brands with advertisements and packaging but the quality is usually good. Another important point when buying unrefined sesame oil is with the pricing, they can never sell unrefined sesame oil for a cheap price as they have to use good quality seeds.

1. Gingelly Oil| Sesame Oil For Skin:

Sesame oil, especially unrefined sesame oil is wonderful on the skin. When massaged into the skin, it leaves it amazingly soft and smooth. To use it as a cleanser, take 2tbsp of homemade coconut milk and add 1/2 tsp of unrefined sesame oil to it. To use, take a small piece of cotton, dip it in the mixture, squeeze and use it to clean the face. You can use sesame oil as a moisturizer but sesame oil has a strong smell, so I prefer to use it in the night .Add essential oils according to your needs, for treating wrinkles add rose essential oil. To treat skin problems like eczema, add chamomile essential oil and to relax and calm yourself down, add lavender. Sesame oil also can be used to massage the skin around the eyes, it will prevent under eye bags and wrinkles.

2. Gingelly Oil| Sesame Oil For Hair:

The best way to use sesame oil for hair is to use it for taking oil bath. Traditional oil bath is called with different names in India: Saturday Oil Bath | Sesame Oil Bath | Ayurvedic Oil Bath | Ennai Kuliyal in Tamil | Gingelly Oil Head Bath | Oil Bath in Tamil Nadu & Indian Head Bath, but they mean the same thing. It is the practice of massaging the head with sesame oil heated with spices. It is usuallydone weekly twice and here in Tamil Nadu, it is a ritual  religiously followed . Ayurvedic South Indian gingelly oil bath has many healthbenefits

1. Regular practice of having oil bath relaxes and rejuvenatesus.

2. Oil bath removes the heat from our body, especially during hot summers.

3. It helps us get a deep sleep, as we feel relaxed after an oil bath.

4. It prevents hair loss, especially if done with a good quality oil.

5. It helps to reduce the redness in the eyes, especially people who spend a lot of time staring the computers will greatly benefit from oil bath. In Tamil Nadu, usually every Fridays women have their oil bath and men have their oil bath on Saturdays in South India. It is an ayurvedic tradition for women to have oil bath onFridays and then visit a Temple.

3. Gingelly Oil| Sesame Oil For Cooking:

In homes, we use both coconut oil and sesame oil for cooking. Some dishes like dosa (Indian pancakes) tastes best with sesame oil and cannot be made with coconut oil. You can use sesame oil for making all the dishes.

4. Gingelly Oil| Sesame Oil For Oil Pulling:

The best oil for oil pulling is unrefined sesame oil. To use it for oil pulling, take around 2 tsp of unrefined sesame oil in your mouth as soon as you get up and swish it around in your mouth for 2 minutes. The oil will turn watery by the end of 2 minutes, spit it out and brush your mouth.

5. Gingelly oil| Sesame Oil For Body Massage:

It is  a tradition that has been followed  for many many years. Sesame oil body massage is one of the most relaxing thing that we can do to our body. It relaxes and rejuvenates our system with multiple benefits including removing excessive body heat.

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