Coconut oil

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Did you know that coconut oil qualifies as a super food?

Helps in Weight Loss
If you are looking for a weight loss solution, coconut oil is your answer. The oil is very useful for people who wish to lose weight. It contains medium chain and short fatty acids and further helps in shedding off that extra weight. Start using coconut oil in your daily meals!

Moisturises Skin
The oil absorbs into the skin way faster than other lotions and stays longer than your daily lotions.

Protects Hair Against Frizz
To take control of frizzy hair, just add a few drops of warm coconut oil . The oil will help in smoothing your hair strands without them looking greasy. Coconut oil also acts as a conditioner to your hair.

Acts as a Sunscreen
Use  Coconut oil  as a sunscreen and protect yourself from the harmful UV rays.

Beneficial for the Heart
Coconut oil is also good for the heart. The oil contains almost 50% of lauric acid which helps in the prevention of high blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels. The saturated fats in the coconut oil are not harmful for the body unlike the vegetable oils.

Protects against Premature Ageing
Not only does coconut oil protect your skin from flaking and drying but also serves other purposes as well. The sagging of skin and the appearance of wrinkles which usually results in ageing can be prevented by the use of coconut oil.

Good for the Immune System
The healthy fats present in the coconut oil including capric acid, lauric acid, and caprylic acid. These contain antibacterial, anti-fungal as well as antiviral properties to boost the immune system.

Effective on Treating Infections
Coconut oil is not only effective against many kinds of infections but also it is highly effective on bruises. It helps in speeding up the healing process of the damaged tissues.

Curbs Sugar Cravings
If you have been on a diet, the best way to beat your sugar cravings is taking a spoon of virgin coconut oil. It helps you in coming out of the craving for sugar.

Use Coconut Oil as a Deodorant
The lauric acid present in the coconut oil is not only good for your body but also kills odor causing bacteria. To smell good all day, simply dab a little coconut oil under your armpits to help you stay fresh.

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