Frequently Asked Questions

The Products seems more expensive than other equivalent products, why?

As we do not cut short any process in terms of machinery, material or time in process, our products are always more expensive than the rest of natural products. More than that we offer better returns to farmers to help then sustain the natural farming which is losing shine coupled with our passion to maintain genuinity more than volume or profit contributes to that.

How do I test and validate your claim of genuinity?

We request each of you to view us with suspicion always and demand random testing of material to help us stay in course of our mission. Every natural product can be tested for genuine properties and proven. We do have all the necessary certificates issued by all competent authorities, yet we request you to keep your suspicion alive always, after all we are also humans and may fall in the profit trap like many others in the past.

Do you have any training programme on these products in Chennai?

Yes, we conduct weekly training session in our Head office every Friday between 7 PM to 9 PM where you can get more details about the product as well as discuss about partnering us in saving people from the menace.

Whom should I contact to partner you in your mission?

You can contact Mr Ramakrishnan @ 9884255502 or mail to to get more details. We have various opportunities for people sharing the same passion with little investment. We will welcome you with open arms to grow with us and expand the reach and save people from the menace of chemical consumption.

Why there is no consistency in taste, color and other properties with every supply?

Yes, in any natural process you cannot maintain consistency as it various every day or every batch and changes in line with input ingredient, climate & Water. Reasonable consistency can be maintained only in Chemically processed products.

Whom should I contact to visit your process location & fields ?

Most of our procurement is from kongu belt and we can coordinate your visits in line with your dates. Frequent adhoc or individual request cannot be entertained, while a group of 10 with well advanced prior intimation can be considered.

How different are you from other companies promoting these products?

Firstly any genuine business associated with nature products is going to complement our mission , expand reach and definitely it is no competition to us. Unlike others we are not going fight this battle alone but join you and create a potent partnership. Each pincode is going to have billing & delivery point chosen among willing YOU as well as our unique loyalty reward program that is going to expand our reach like wildfire. Our approach is You are Our Customer, You are Our Business Developer, You are our Partner in progress and we will procure and deliver quality products and build a robust GST compliant system to manage this claim with ease and progress with YOU.